We Install All Natural Ecologically Sustainable Ponds

Shaylor’s Ponds & Patios installs the finest all-natural ecologically sustainable backyard ponds in our service area. We are one of the Williamsport area’s preferred pond installation contractors. Our employees are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Preview Our Private Backyard Pond Videos for Inspiration

Preview some of the relaxing features of our private backyard pond installations by viewing our videos below for inspiration and relaxation. We are able to completely customize your pond design and installation according to your needs. We can install a custom hardscape to surround your pond installation, as well as specialty features including ambient night lighting, fire pit installation, pond fountains, fountainscapes, lights, and many more quality features to enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction with your private pond retreat. We also install pondless waterfalls, as well. Many of our customers enjoy adding beautifully exotic koi to their pond installation for a truly relaxing nature experience right in the comfort of their backyards.

Ponds and Waterscapes Add Beauty and Improve Health

Spending time around a relaxing and rejuvenating water environment is beneficial for all aspects of human health. Aside from the beauty and artful aesthetic that waterscapes add to your property, they have been shown to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health by relaxing the mind, lowering the blood pressure, and providing inspiration. It is difficult to feel negative emotions for long when surrounded by the soothing sounds of moving water, the smooth swaying movements of fish, and the gentle peeps of frogs and toads.
Surrounding oneself with beauty is one of the simplest ways to improve your outlook on life, your self-esteem, and your confidence of your place in the world. After a long day or week of working in the rat race, nothing is quite as soothing as reconnecting with nature for a few minutes or a few hours, as time allows. There is no longer a need to drive to a public park to experience the benefits of having a soothing water experience. In fact, many of the benefits of visiting a public park are lost when you realize that you have to get back on the road and drive home. With a mini pond right in your backyard, you can be soothed by watching the gentle motion and hearing the soothing sounds of your pond, set your mind at ease, and then continue to relax some more in the comfort of your home.
Let Shaylor’s Ponds & Patios help you design the optimal pond experience for your year-round enjoyment.
To learn more about our quality pond and waterscape installation and maintenance service, contact Chad Shaylor of Shaylor’s Ponds & Patios. To request a quote, please fill out our quote request form. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, please call: (570) 419-1518.