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We’re passionate about ponds, hardscapes and landscaping, and sometimes we write about it!  Check out our blog below to stay up to date with Shaylor’s Ponds & Patios.

Give Your Pond a Spring Cleaning!

BY: Aquascape, Inc. Spring is simply the most exciting time of year. As things slowly awaken from their winter hibernation, there are some things that you can do to make sure your water feature gets off to a good start this spring. Does your water feature need a full...

Feeding Fish in the Fall

Feeding your fish in the fall. What you need to know! by Aquascape You’ve enjoyed watching and feeding your fish all summer, and now it’s time to help them prepare for their winter’s nap. You want to make sure your fish are strong and healthy as Old Man Winter makes...

Simple Maintenance for a Healthy Pond

Our ponds are designed to take advantage of the natural cleaning cycles of the environment. For the most healthy and attractive pond, follow our simple maintenance tips to get the most enjoyment from your backyard pond.

Backyard Pond Information for the Landowner

Please review the following information that we think you will find useful regarding your backyard pond. Whether you are a homeowner with a backyard pond or a business landowner with an indoor or outdoor pond, we would like you to keep the following information in mind.

Keep Your Pond Free of Leaves

Bursts of red, gold and orange in the trees signify an important event for pond owners … it’s time to do a little fall maintenance in your water garden. Preparing your pond for the winter greatly reduces the amount of work you need to do in the spring to get your pond...