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We design beautiful waterscapes, hardscapes and landscapes for your dream backyard.

It’s all in the planning

Making your dream backyard doesn’t just happen through trial and error.  Shaylor’s Ponds & Patios utilized specialized design software to help plan, budget and visualize your build before we ever break ground.  

We can also take existing pictures of your property and create mockup designs to help you better visualize what the end product will look like.  Our clients have found this to be extremely helpful in the planning process. 

Why choose Shaylor’s Design Services?

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Even a snow-covered image will work for the “before” image in creating a design mock up.

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Landscape Designs Done Right

Both new builds and existing homes and businesses can benefit from our landscaping design services.   We can completely design the aesthetically pleasing landscape designs that will give your home or business some serious curb appeal. We’ll work with you to determine precisely what type of look and style you would like and whether the design includes trees, hedges, flowers, mulch, stone, water features or hardscapes.